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Creating bespoke jewellery

Uncompromising quality, craftsmanship and service

White Diamond

Available in a variety of cuts, we use the whitest of colours (D - F colour), absent of any inclusions visible to the naked eye (VVS to VS) and excellent grading.

Coloured Diamond

Valued on their saturation of colour ranging from Fancy Light, Fancy, Intense to Vivid.


Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire

Burma and Mozambique produce exceptional rubies in vibrant shades of red, the finest are given the accolade “Pigeon’s Blood”.
The most desirable emeralds are Colombian and then Zambian. Their difference in tone is pure green to bluish green due to their mineral content.
Kashmir Sapphires with a velvety blue hue and without heat treatment are the most sought after. Burma, Madagascar and Ceylon are also producers of sapphires in an array of colours. 

RubyGoldClaws copy.png

Paraiba Tourmaline

A striking Brazilian gem, it's fluorescent colour is due to it's copper content. Brazil now produces fewer stones over 3 carats and Mozambique is now the primary source. 


A captivating stone whose rainbow palette of colours change with movement. Opals are primarily sourced from Australia, Mexico and Ethiopia.


Be a romantic and surprise her

A simple gesture, an unforgettable moment.

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