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The magic behind a bespoke jewellery commission

Commissioning a piece of jewellery is an intimate collaboration between designer and client. Be it an elegant solitaire, a demure diamond necklace, or a glamourous cocktail ring.


It is our pleasure to bring your imagination to life.


Led by a dedicated team of artisans, whose combined experience brings a wealth of glamour and flair.

Your bespoke creation will move from concept to fruition using a combination of traditional hand-making techniques and cutting-edge technology, in an estimated 6 - 12 weeks.




Sourcing a gem-quality stone takes a keen eye and a thorough knowledge of the industry. With our expertise and global reach, we found the perfect Ruby for the client's vision.

Transparent background..png

Vision sketch


At the concept design stage, we carefully consider every detail of your fine jewellery piece to ensure it's aligned with your vision. We began this piece with several sketch designs, choosing a stunning brilliant diamond ring mount to compliment the centre Ruby.


Technical CAD design

Following feedback from our client, we use the latest technology to take the concept from a vision sketch to a 3D CAD drawing. Our CAD design of this ruby ring allowed us and our client to visualise every intricacy of the piece with precise detail. 

Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 11.png


At the bench

Once at the bench, you see the transformation of your fine jewellery design into reality. This ring was meticulously crafted to ensure unparalleled quality and beauty, with the ruby and diamonds set in white gold.

The Finished Article

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